E-News is Rosario Counseling & Associates’ monthly news letter, written in house by our counseling team. Click on the month for a .pdf.

2015New Year 2015

January 2015: We’re Moving!

July 2015: Intentional Living Workshops.







November 2014Welcome Our New Team Members

October 2014Keeping Your Marriage Strong

September 2014Suicide Prevention Month

August 2014Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationship

July 2014Introducing RCA Secure Patient Portal

June 2014: Father’s Day

May 2014Raising Confident Daughters

April 2014Did you know we offer Psychological Testing & Assessments?

March 2014How To Relax When Your Body Is STRESSED!

February 2014Teen Dating Awareness Month

January 2014Rosario Counseling Welcomes Social Media to our Practice!


2013December 2013Revolutionizing the New Year’s Resolution

November 2013Surviving the Holiday

October 2013Treating Seasonal Effective Disorder

September 2013Calming An Explosive Child

August 2013Back To School

July 2013Living Peacefully in a Stressful World

June 2013Do You Wonder if You or Your Child Might Have ADHD?

May 2013A Mother’s Role

April 2013Journey to God’s Calling

March 2013Assertiveness

February 2013: How Parental Bonds Influence Adult Relationships

January 2013Let’s Get Social


imagesDecember 2012Christmas Traditions

November 2012Attending to Your Grief This Holiday Season

October 2012Emotionally Healthy Families

September 2012Developing an Intimate Marriage

August 2012: Back-to-School!

July 2012Help!  My Child is a Teenager

June 2012: Online Scheduling is Now Available

May 2012Let’s Get Social

April 2012Dealing With Eating Disorders

March 2012Shedding Light on Bullying

February 2012Sweet Ideas for Making Family Time Special

January 2012Making Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality


2011-CalendarDecember 2011The Empty Chair This Christmas

November 2011Making the Most of Your Flex Plan

October 2011How to Win the Battle of Body Image

September 2011When to Seek Help

July 2011: ADHD Parenting with Purpose

June 2011Children & Divorce

May 2011How Can I Afford Counseling?

April 2011Stressed Out

March 2011Spring Fever

February 2011: Winter Blues