• Peace in the Storm

    Peace is a valuable commodity. It is that state of mind and emotion that is transferable to others. Our attempt to depend on another person or ideal situation to keep us calm is an illusion. How do we find peace in the midst of this uncertain and perilous world? Below are some reminders that can help when the storm is raging. 

    • Take a moment to pray and reflect on your inner thoughts and emotions. Try to identify what has caused the disturbance,  frustration, hurt or fear. Validate your feelings without over identifying with them. Remind yourself that we cannot lead our lives by feelings or always trust our thoughts.
    • Cultivate gratitude: Listing what makes us thankful can restore hope, change our perspective, and tone of voice. Intentionally choosing to be grateful has the power to change the atmosphere and rrestore harmony. Gratitude and tranquility do not come naturally—but they are a dynamic pair.
    • Schedule time for silence and solitude: This may include choosing not to speak, turning off media or getting alone time in nature. In the evening, some people like to listen for the birds to stop singing and watch for them to disappear into the trees.
    • Grow from past mistakes: Choose to ‘let it go’, learn the lesson and move into this season of life. There is a calm that comes from self-compassion with better choices.
    • Recognize your limits, circle of control and boundaries: We cannot control the future, other people, and countless other things that directly and indirectly affect our lives. However, we are able to control our own thoughts, choices and beliefs today. Just as our skin is a boundary that protects our body from elements and bacteria, relational boundaries promote order. Furthermore, setting a boundary on what we let into our mind, spirit, and schedule cultivates serenity.
    • Remember storms come and go: In the storms of life, there are times when all we can do is strap ourselves to the ship to keep from being thrown overboard. Know that the dark clouds, wind, rain and flashes of lightning will not last forever; the storm does pass. The peaceful sky and gentle breeze returns. Peace in the storm is about having the courage to hold steady and take personal responsibility for giving a mature response.

    In the storm, we have an opportunity to impart peace to others. My father always said, “Change is here to stay.” Like our natural weather, we experience storms as well as sunny days. We can expect change and prepare for it by practicing the kind of calm that helps refresh us physically, emotionally and mentally. Stop, think and hold on to what you know to be true. I invite you to be intentional about cultivating peace in your lifestyle.


    Author: Beth Holloway, MA LPC with permission to post on Rosario Counseling & Associates

    Marriage counseling, Adolescent issues and ED

    Beth Holloway, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Rosario Counseling & Associates and has more than 12 years’ experience in the mental health  field. She specializes in counseling individuals and couples who have experienced all types of losses including abuse, domestic strife, and trauma. She enjoys leading group therapy classes about Divorce Recovery, Spiritual Enrichment, Couples and Parent/Child Relationships, Grief Processing and Depression Recovery. Beth has had the privilege of traveling all over the United States and to more than 10 foreign countries. She has also been enriched by learning about people from diverse cultures and ethnic groups.

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