Karlene Haggerty LCMHC-A, LCAS-A

Karlene Haggerty LCMHC-A, LCAS-A

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate

Email Me: Karlene@rosariocounseling.com

Karlene Haggerty MS, NCC, LCMHC-A, LCAS-A is an outpatient mental health counselor associate. At Rosario Counseling & Associates Karlene treats children approximately starting at 10 years old, teens and adults.  She is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and EMDR. 

Her passion is to come alongside the people she encounters to help them through challenges such as anxiety, panic, trauma, addiction, self-esteem issues, and other challenges that can leave individuals feeling emotionally drained. Karlene enjoys building trust with her clients so they can safely discuss anything that may come up in the counseling process. Prior to a career in counseling, she worked with children struggling with learning disabilities and behavioral issues.

Karlene earned her MS in Clinical Counseling from East Carolina University.