Psychological Testing

Tests and Assessments

Psychological testing may sound intimidating, however it is designed to help you. After all, when it comes to your well-being, you want to be sure the therapist has a complete understanding of your strengths, limitations, as well as the problems to establish an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Clients often request psychological testing since it is cost efficient, providing key clinical information in a relatively short period of time.

Testing is available upon client request, referral, and therapist recommendation.

What is the process?

1. Information Gathering

Initially a therapist meets with you or if testing is for a child then the parents and child for a clinical interview to gather a comprehensive history, and listen to your concerns and learn how it is impacting daily life. A clear understanding for the request for testing is important. During this session, appropriate medical records, report cards or referral letters for testing are reviewed and discussed. Based on information collected the therapist selects appropriate instruments or combination of assessments for evaluation.

Psychological Testing2.  Testing

Our trained therapists will walk you through the directions and purpose of each assessment, and rating scale. The client completes one or more assessments that are no longer than 2 hour increments.

3.  Results and Recommendations

You will meet with the therapist to discuss the results once the test is complete. The results will include a review of each test, and rating scale with a detailed understanding of the findings. The therapist will provide diagnosis along with recommendations. We encourage clients to ask questions to understand their results and recommendations.

Psychological Testing