This month has been designated as Cancer Awareness Month intended to spread word for the prevention and hope for a cure for
breast cancer. For some people the word ‘cancer’ or any terminal illnesses such as heart or respiratory diseases, diabetes and strokes can evoke a feeling of dread as they remind us of our mortality. I want to encourage you to focus on the real meaning of the pink ribbons, hats and bumper stickers. They are intended to remind  us to schedule regular medical checkups and to place value on the importance of relationships. Here are three things to consider whenever you see the pink ribbon:

  • Awareness of Self Care: Breast Cancer can affect one in eight women. We owe it to our loved ones to schedule annual checkups, screening for early detection and to follow doctor’s instructions. Proper nutrition, exercise and work/life balance are also a vital part of caring for ourselves. Thanks to medical research and technology, we have the benefits of living longer with the best possible quality of life.
  • Awareness of Compassion: Our loved ones and acquaintances who are Cancer Awarenessfighting a disease need meaningful practical support and positive words of encouragement. It is not helpful to feed off of fear or engage in conversation based on your own need. Ask someone you know what helps them the most and remember most people have the ability and specific ways to cope with
    their illness.
  • Awareness of Treasuring Each Day: We cannot change yesterday and God is the One who holds tomorrow. We have today to
    share valuable moments together. Even the smallest act of empathy and connection has the power to renew hope and restore weariness. Choose the hope that each new day brings no matter what situation you find yourself in.

This month, whenever you see the color pink representing cancer awareness for women, let it be a reminder to live each day with kindness and love, without regrets and practical care for our physical bodies. October is not Cancer Afraid Month, it is Cancer Awareness Month.

Author: Beth Holloway, MA LPC with permission to post on Rosario Counseling & Associates

Cancer Awareness

Beth Holloway, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Rosario Counseling & Associates and has more than 12 years’ experience in the mental health  field. She specializes in counseling individuals and couples who have experienced all types of losses including abuse, domestic strife, and trauma. She enjoys leading group therapy classes about Divorce Recovery, Spiritual Enrichment, Couples and Parent/Child Relationships, Grief Processing and Depression Recovery. Beth has had the privilege of traveling all over the United States and to more than 10 foreign countries. She is learning about people from diverse cultures and ethnic groups.

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