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Under 10: we work primarily with parents and in family therapy

Counseling Children Ages 10 – 12 :child counseling

Often children experience difficult situations such as trouble making friends, divorce of their parents, or adjusting to changes at home or school.  Children face daily obstacles such as being bullied, feeling embarrassed, fearing being humiliated, self-doubt, loneliness, insecurity, afraid to open up to peers, avoidant and shyness. We work with children to overcome obstacles, build confidence and establish healthy self talk.

Does your child respect your authority? Is your child acting out?  Does your child struggle with anger, tantrums, nightmares, frequent conflicts with friends, cheating, lying, stealing, defiance, poor social skills, property destruction, or self-injury or other confusing behaviors?  Has there been a change in behavior that concerns you? Do you need help understanding what is going on with your son/daughter? Rosario Counseling is effective in the assessment, diagnosis, and tool building with children.

Our Licensed professional therapists work with the parents and children to develop individualized goals.  Your child will be given assignments to successfully achieve these goals. As a parent, you can expect to learn how to manage your child’s unwanted behaviors and encourage correct behaviors. Let our professional counselors help you.

Counseling Teenagers Ages 13 – 17 :

The adolescent years can be a time of vulnerability for teenagers complicated by the desire to establish independence from their parents, which can result in feeling of confusion and discouragement.  Does your teen isolate in their room?  Is your Teen no longer sharing their life with you?  Has your teen stopped eating meals with you? Are you losing control of your teenager?  Is your teen aggressive verbally or physically? Has your teens’ social group or grades drastically changed?  Does your teen get along with peers and authority figures?

Talking in therapy about what is going on in a teen’s life can help them and you understand more fully their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. Being heard is healing. Teens can expect to gain insight, practical tools, as well as strategies to overcome life’s challenges.  This process can lead to greater self-acceptance, confidence and belief in oneself.

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