Faith-Based Counseling

Are you aware that any counseling that a client receives is filtered through therapists’ beliefs, core values and standards?  The therapists’ beliefs, core values and standards guide their therapeutic opinions as well as course of treatment including interpretations, interventions, and recommendations. Clients ought to be aware of the possible impact and influence these may on the counseling process.

What is Faith-Based Counseling or Christian Counseling?

faith-based counselingYour wellbeing is our top priority. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome at Rosario Counseling & Associates.

People seeking counseling often prefer a therapist who can help them work through problems in the context of their faith or at least will respect their faith. For people of faith who desire Christian counseling, this experience can be an opportunity to explore how pain has entered into our lives and caused obstacles that hinder freedom and joy in a healthy spiritual life. Counseling can be a journey toward offering us a chance to become free of these obstacles. In addition, counseling provides insight and healing of our emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual wounds so that healing may occur. By learning where these unhealthy patterns came from, we are able to begin the process of healing and learning healthy ways to deal with life’s challenges.

Our team is a group of committed Christian professionals with specialized training in clinical psychology and counseling, treating the whole person: mind, body, soul, and spirit, utilizing tools techniques, and life skills from the mental health profession within the context of biblical truths.

The interventions used from psychological theories applied at Rosario Counseling & Associates initially were Gods ideas, principles and truths that are effective in creating and sustaining quality relationships and restoring mental health. We believe the Bible has overarching themes and principles that are of vital importance for us to live a healthy life. We are human, imperfect and in need of forgiveness.

Is Christian Counseling right for me?

We provide hope and support to everyone who walks through our doors. Our counselors are sensitive, compassionate and want to help.  We offer a safe environment with nonjudgmental counselors that allow clients to uncover the root of the problems. Then our counselors will begin to help rebuild a healthier life.

Do I have to be a Christian to work with you?

family walking in faithOur counseling services are available to anyone regardless of their beliefs or biblical stance. We honor where our clients are in their spiritual journey and what they want from our services. Also our clients honor and understand we come from a Biblical perspective.  Our professional team is here as a resource to support personal growth, well-being, and healing. We strive not to shame, condemn or coerce anyone.

What if I am from another faith or have no faith?

Counseling addresses and affects the whole person: psychological, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual, no matter one’s faith. Our clients come from a variety of religious backgrounds. We are willing to serve anyone who needs and desires counseling. faith-based counseling