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Often, counseling leads to a couple to a “friendship” and deeper love than each partner has experienced before therapy. Let us help you build the communication skills that lead to a healthy and well connected relationship that lasts for a lifetime. Marriage & Relationship Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Do you feel that your marriage relationship is falling apart? Do you wish that your spouse would love you and respect you more? A secure marriage is the foundation of the family. Too often, feelings of love are sabotaged by arguments or even worse, silence. Unresolved problems pose serious risks to a marriage. At Rosario Counseling we help you both identify areas that need to be changed or improved, and we facilitate a much healthier relationship with a renewed commitment, reaching a set of shared values, and more open, honest and respectful communication with each other.

Couples Therapy

Do you feel that your partner values and appreciates you? Or are you battling with each other often? Does your significant other struggle with making commitment for marriage? Has blaming each other taken the majority of your time together? You may be embarking on a new relationship and seeking professional guidance, or perhaps you are facing seemingly insurmountable relationship issues and seeking help to overcome them. Our goal in counseling is to facilitate emotional and spiritual wholeness. We provide a safe place for processing a variety of relationship challenges.

Premarital Counseling

Do you want to learn how to have a satisfying and fulfilling marriage with your fiancé/fiancée? Give your marriage the gift of a healthy foundation.  Explore the history of your relationship, understand how your backgrounds impact one another and establish well defined roles all before saying I do.  Take the opportunity to create a shared identity while working on building emotional, psychological and spiritual intimacy. Learn communication skills that will last a lifetime. Seek to understand spiritual companionship. Develop conflict resolution tools to give your future marriage the resources to overcome obstacles. Find out how money management impacts the relationship. Discover the most common 6 needs of a wife and a husband.  Establish a commitment that can endure challenges. Lastly, we will focus on the experience of sexual intimacy in marriage. 8-10 session optimum to receive a great start to a marriage.

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