New Clients

 We’d love to meet you!

Please contact our office to inquire about setting a New Client Appointment.

Upon scheduling your New Client Appointment, our office manager will email you the appropriate forms, appointment information and any special instructions regarding early arrival. Downloadable forms for your first appointment with your therapist are also provided below. Please bring your Insurance Card and License/Photo ID for us to place on file.

Step 1: Call our office to make a New Patient Appointment. 919-649-5882 or

Step 2: Once you’ve made your appointment, click on your therapist’s name below and download/print/fill out the forms. Please bring the forms with you to your first session at our office. Please bring your insurance card and License/Photo ID.

Step 3: Upon making your appointment, the office manager will provide you with your login and password. Please visit the Client Portal to login and complete filling out your Biographical and Insurance information. Please complete all information as this data is required.  Online information will remain confidential (encrypted) for our office use only.

After your first visit you will be able to schedule appointments online using the Client Portal.

 New Client Forms

Click on Your Therapist to Download .Pdf 

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