Session Rates

Session Rates

  • session ratesInitial Diagnostic session is 60 minutes for $190 Session rates
  • 60 minute  session is $160
  • In proven financial hardship, we offer a scholarship or fee adjustment based on proven income. To learn more, please call our office administrator.
  • Methods of payment accepted: benefit cards and credit card.

Financial Hardship

  • RCA Scholarship – RCA offers limited Financial Scholarships to clients who qualify.
  • Church Payment Agreement – Check with your local church to determine if they offset the cost of counseling.  If you provide us the name and contact of your church we can  determine if they have partnered with us in the past.  We have worked with area church’s to lessen the burden on those experiencing a financial challenge.
  • To find out about how to qualify for the RCA Scholarship or Church payment agreement, please contact our Office Administrator.


  • Payment is expected in full at the time of service. We are an Out-of-Network Provider with most insurance companies. Ple

Testimony: Witness

  • There will be a charge in the event you subpoena/request a therapist for their testimony as a witness. The fee is $2,640.00 plus a per diem for meals and travel expenses. In addition, fees associated with a hotel stay will be incurred if a hotel is needed when the courthouse is over 45 minutes from therapist’s home. All fees must be paid 7 days advanced of court date. These fees are not refundable even in the case of a continuance. These services are not reimbursable through insurance.